Member Benefit and Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of the more frequently asked questions about our benefits and services provided to those enrolled with Palmer Advantage.


Golf Benefit and Access FAQs

Membership Enrollment FAQs

Due to the nature of our agreements, and the exclusivity with our private clubs, our club list is not publicly shared.

Members of Affiliated Clubs can request to view the list with their membership director or similar employee.

Current Members with Palmer Advantage can view the list when you login.

All golf benefits are offered on a space-available basis. Weekends are typically only open after 2:00pm local time. Other peak and prime times may be unavailable due to the nature of Clubs accommodating their own Members.

Yes! Members may bring up to three (3) accompanied guests on a space-available basis. If these guests are also Members with Palmer Advantage, they may be entitled to complimentary greens fees, and if they are not they will pay a guest fee.

Private clubs providing "cart fee only" benefits are not accessible to Members of a Club (or with a home/business) that is located within 75 miles. Most "pay for play" clubs and other public courses have no mileage restrictions. This is subject to change, and details are presented in our Member-only club list.

Members are not limited to the number of rounds they can play "per membership." Rules are based around how many times a Member may visit a specific club or course in a certain time frame.

Members may receive two (2) single rounds of "cart fee only" golf per property per thirty (30) days. These single rounds may be used by the Member, their spouse/partner, or eligible accompanied dependents in any combination.

Participating clubs are marked as "cart fee only" in our club list.

Members may receive up to three (3) rounds per property, per 12-month period.

Clubs are marked as "pay for play" in our club list.

"Cart fee only" rounds are paid by the Member and their guests directly to the course at the time of check-in.

"Pay for Play" rounds have a guest fee that is inclusive of greens, guest, cart, taxes, and any other fees that are paid upon confirmation by the Member for themself and any guests.

All golf tee time requests are submitted to our Concierge either by phone or online. These contact details are shared with Members upon enrollment.

Most golf courses allow us to book tee times 14 - 30 days in advance. However, some courses have more limited advance booking windows of 10 days or less.

Courses where we cannot book tee times 14 days or more in advance are marked with their more limited time windows in our club list.

Enrollment varies from club to club. At some clubs Palmer Advantage is offered on an "opt in" basis, and at other clubs the benefits are an automatic part of the club membership.

Once enrolled, a "Welcome Email" will be sent to the primary Member's email address containing the account details, credentials, and other helpful resources.

For help with enrollment please contact us.

If you recently enrolled and have not yet received your "Welcome Email" please contact us.

The Palmer Advantage benefits are made available to the primary Member and to their partner/spouse. Eligible dependents as defined by their home club may also enjoy benefits, though some such as Golf, require that they be accompanied by either the Primary or Secondary Member.

The family will share a single login to the Palmer Advantage website.

The login ID is the primary Member's email address.

Login details and credentials are emailed to the primary Member upon enrollment.

The Member's access to Palmer Advantage benefits will be terminated, and any Credits will expire. Any pre-existing reservations will be honored.

Member Credits FAQs

Please note Credits have no cash value, cannot be transferred; and among other restrictions, cannot be redeemed towards golf, dues, food, and beverage purchases.

Credits are a unique Member currency represented as dollars that Members may spend as partial-payment towards eligible travel purchases.

Eligible purchases include most hotel, resort, cruise, and rental car reservations.

The maximum amount of Credits that a Member may redeem varies with every reservation. While not guaranteed, the typical amount allowed is 10% - 30% of the original price.

  • $1,100 upon enrollment
  • $600 upon annual enrollment anniversary
  • $50 for every round played that is booked through our Concierge
  • $100 for each air flight reservation

The $1,100 in Credits provided upon enrollment expire 24 months after date issued. ALL other Credits expire 12 months after date issued.

Members can login and view their Credits balance and expiration date(s). The Concierge can also provide this information.

Reserve Series and Custom Flex Events

Travel Benefits and Services FAQs

Reserve Series are special single-day golf events structured similar to member/guest golf events. These events are held at Clubs outside of the standard club network.

There are typically 10 - 15 events held between May - November each year.

Members pay a fee to attend, and may also bring up to three accompanied guests. The per-person fee varies from event to event and typically includes golf, carts (or caddies), food and beverages, and more.

The Flex Events desk is our custom events resource for Members who need to host medium- to large-sized groups to play golf.

These events can be for leisure, group trips, corporate entertainment, and charitable events.

Events are structured to be as turn-key and "single invoice" as possible.

The Concierge is available seven days a week with the exception of certain holidays. Hours are kept M-F 9:00am - 9:00pm, and Sat/Sun 9:00am - 6:00pm (eastern.)

Members are provided with a toll-free phone number, and Concierge email address.

Members may contact specific Agents directly if they so desire.

Yes, the member-only website has a full-service travel store where Members can search for and book hotels, resorts, cruises, rental cars, flights, and more.

Eligible reservations will always show the maximum amount of Credits that may be redeemed. (If the Member has a lesser balance of Credits available, that is the amount that will be shown.)

Our travel partners have over 1,000,000 destinations available around the world. Similar to other popular travel websites, our availability includes a variety of popular brands, major chains, and independent hotel/resort operators.

With over 40 cruise lines, Members have access to a variety of oceanic cruises around the world. River cruises and other voyage types are available as well!

In most cases, yes. A Member may purchase a hotel reservation for a friend or family member for example. Group travel reservations can also be handled on a special basis.

How do Members Manage Their Accounts and Receive Updates?

Palmer Advantage will send a "Welcome Email" to the primary Member's email address.

For currently enrolled Members who have not received this email please contact us.

Each Member is assigned a unique number upon enrollment which is provided to them in the "Welcome Email."

This information can only be found online when Members login.

Palmer Advantage sends out period email messages including:

  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Periodic special announcements
  • Frequent travel-focused special emails

Members enrolled with Palmer Advantage receive a complimentary subscription to the Kingdom magazine. This printed publication is produced up to three times each year and is mailed to the home address provided.

Yes, Members can make certain updates to their preferred contact details online or over the phone with the Concierge.

For other changes such as "swapping" which individual is the primary and/or secondary, and certain other changes require the involvement of a Palmer Advantage team member. Please contact us for these change requests.

The summarized answers to the questions regarding benefits and services described above may be subject to additional terms and conditions.